OK first question,
why work with us?

To keep it simple, we listen, deliver quality, and get shit done…
in a short period of time. That's all you need to know. If you want the longer version, then scroll down.

Save you time!

We want to keep the process as simple as possible and work with your processes. Our goal is to give you back your time which means providing high quality candidates aligned to your brief, which means less CVs to review, subsequently less interviews and less time doing recruitment.

Make sure you do what you are meant to be doing and not a Recruitment role!

Why work with one of the big agencies and have a senior consultant brief your role, then pass it to their assistant who has 6 months experience, and then end up with 10 CVs , 9 of them being Testers when you asked for a Business Analyst?

Alternatively, you have an internal TA team and as soon as they hear it is a technical role they don't know what to do and just send you ad responses from seek? We can sort this out for you.

Work with someone that genuinely cares and can make you more successful!

We take time to understand what you do, what your company does, the company culture and pain points.

We then carefully vet candidates, whether they are referrals, people we have worked with or ex contractors, and ensure they will only add value to your team and make a positive impact.

Provide a true business partnership!

We have a true consultancy approach, where we look to partner with our clients and value the engagement piece and two way relationship over anything else.

We want to provide great solutions for your pain points and will always take accountability and pride when working with you!

Do you want a flexible workforce?

We are absolute guns when it comes to SOW or contracting engagements and are able to provide quality resources within 24hrs, who can work for a few weeks to a few months depending on how long you need them.

This is something we pride ourselves on and have done so for many clients and have won work because of our capabilities.

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